2021-22 Supply Lists

Kindergarten Supply List-Mrs. Mackey

Crayola Crayons

Washable Markers

Glue/glue sticks




Colorful Sharpies

Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Gallon Freezer Bags


Colored Pencils

1.5” Binder with clear cover on front`any color (write name inside)

Laminating sheets

1st Grade-Mrs. Hie

Package of pencils

24 pack crayons

colored pencils

markers tissue

pack of construction paper

glue sticks

Please note that these are supplies for the whole class and not for individual use

1st/2nd Grade Supply List-Mrs. Zolensky

-Construction paper

-Hand Sanitizer

-Clorox wipes

-Primary ruled composition book (Not wide ruled or college ruled, should have room for a picture on the page)

2nd Grade Supply list-Miss Clendenning

Supply List for Families

● 1 dozen #2 pencils

● Pencil Sharpener

● 1 box Crayola Colored pencils

● 1 box black sharpies (fine)

● 2 dry erase markers

● White Glue

● Glue stick

● 1 eraser

● 1 eraser top for pencil

● Homework folder or binder (will keep your own)

● White copy paper

● Lined paper

● 1 box markers

● Colored construction paper

● Large spaced journal for writing

● Kleenex

● Hand Sanitizer

Additional items if possible:

● Watercolor paper

● Colored copy paper

Third Grade Student Needs-Mrs. Guerrero

1. Backpack

2. Paper

3. Pencils

4. Erasers

5. Binder or something to keep papers organized in backpack

6. Spill Proof water bottle

Third Grade Classroom Needs:

1. Kleenex

2. Hand sanitizer

3. Pencils

4. Paper

5. Erasers

4th Grade Supply List- Mrs. Parker


Binder paper

5 folders (to go in binder)

Pencil holder




Hand held pencil sharpener

Glue sticks

Water bottle

Hand sanitizer

Helpful but not necessary:

Colored pencils


Black sharpie

Sticky notes

For the classroom:


Hand sanitizer

White board markers

5th Grade Supply List -Mrs. A. Pullman

Pencils Tissues

Highlighters Hand sanitizer

Expo Markers Markers

College ruled paper Colored Pencils

College ruled notebook (3) Fine point sharpie

Clip Board Folders (4)

Grade 6 Classroom Supply List-Mrs. Lindsey Pullman

Listed below are the supplies you will need to bring to begin the new school year:


● A system for note-taking and handout storage (3-ring binder w/dividers) Some may want

to use a large binder; others may choose notebook and folders.

● 300-500 sheets of lined paper for assignments (either binder or notebook form)

● #2 pencils (24pk)

● Pens

● Highlighters

● Colored Pencils

● Basic calculator *IMPORTANT*

Thank you so much!

Lindsey Pullman